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  • company: Qarbon Inc.
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Product Highlights

  • Create and publish Flash tutorials and simulations in minutes
  • Expand the reach of your online marketing with interactive slideshows and presentations
  • Develop and deliver powerful, dynamic courseware without programming
  • Capture detailed viewer responses with quizzes, tests, surveys and polls
  • Seamlessly share Projects amongst Authors
  • Integrate your content with your organization’s learning management system (LMS)

Perfect Demos and Simulations

ViewletBuilder's Patented Screen Capture Process automatically reproduces the movement of your cursor, allowing you to create Flash tutorials or simulations that exactly mirror the way your product or web site works.

Interactive Slideshows and Presentations

ViewletBuilder makes it easy to create interactive slide shows and tutorials such as this example of a virtual home tour.

Preview Anytime

With ViewletBuilder, there is no need to compile your project in order to see it in action. You can preview the Flash tutorial instantly to see the results of your work.

updated: 29.11.2010

added: 12.02.2010

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