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Daily Planning

With just 5 minutes, you can decide the order of Must-Do tasks for the day, and put those not-so-important things into the 'Might Do' list. All of those can be done just by dragging and dropping.

Visualized Schedule

Pagico presents your schedule in a whole new way. Unlike traditional calendar views, this flowchart helps you concentrate on what’s in the near future, what needs to be done, and what’s already overdue. It also provides a clearer sense of time for long-term projects, rather than “pop up in your calendar, saying that your final project is due tomorrow”, which is already too late.

Start with your inbox

The Pagico v4 has brought you a Inbox feature, so it's easier than ever to implement the GTD system with Pagico. But this is not just another Inbox --- it's a much better one. This Inbox does not only accept tasks, but also files and text notes.
With its capability of taking tasks, notes and files, this Inbox could ideally become the first step of your workflow.

Todo & Tasks

Write as many ToDo lists as you need. One for your school project, one for your home project, and one for your work. But don't worry, Pagico helps you staying on top of everything with an automatically generated flowchart. With this chart, you’ll know exactly where you are in a large task (such as a research paper), so you can plan wisely with the big picture in mind.

Centralize Resources

Usually a project involves its plans (todo lists), notes, resources (file attachments), and people (related contacts). Pagico provides you a way to put all these things together into a topic, so you can access all of them in one place. And, having multiple ToDo lists for a single project has more benefit than you thought.

Furthermore, you can also interlink multiple topics and profiles together.

Organize Efficiently

Don’t throw away your ToDo lists when they’re done — they’re the progress you’ve made, and we believe that they’re valuable information, too. Unlike other GTD solutions that only focus on getting those lists done, we also focus on storing those pieces of information meaningfully and efficiently to create your personal data library.

Track your contacts

Imagine you can build and review your client’s profile containing all the follow-up tasks, notes, related projects (topics), linked email messages, and files he sent to you over time. That's what you can do with Pagico, which combines the contact management with your data management, so you can link projects (topics) with involved people (contacts).

updated: 29.08.2010

added: 01.05.2010

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