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What does Granola do?

Granola intelligently manages power usage on x86 servers, laptops, and PCs running Linux and Microsoft Windows. Granola automatically optimizes machines to save energy without slowing them down or turning them off. The Granola Power Management Daemon matches the processor's speed (and energy consumption) to the system load on the fly. Granola will lower your energy use by 10-35% even when your systems are running at full capacity, and track the energy saved to estimate your cost savings and carbon emission reductions.

Granola Enterprise has all the energy-saving features beloved by over 100,000 free users, in a scalable platform that allows you to track thousands of computers across your entire organization.

Granola for Linux

Granola makes computers more energy efficient without slowing them down. Granola is safe, easy to use, and allows your computer to operate as efficiently as possible without sacrificing performance when it's needed most. Help save the world with Granola.

  • Most effective power saving software for Linux
  • Sophisticated workload prediction improves upon built-in CPU governors
  • Works with your existing power management settings
  • Lightweight userspace daemon
  • Runs in the background
  • No noticable performance loss

Supported versions

  • Debian 5
  • Fedora 12
  • RHEL 4 - 5
  • SLES 10
  • Ubuntu 8.04 - 10.10

Granola for Linux Downloading

Granola for Linux Documentation

updated: 08.09.2012

added: 29.01.2011