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  • $59.00 Single User License

    Buy once, run anywhere
    Fanurio is licensed per user and not per computer. The licensed user can install and run the application on one, two or more computers.

    We make invoice templates free of charge. You can request a customized template even if you don't buy the product. Just send us a sample invoice (html, text, pdf, image, etc).

    You get new minor versions for free. A minor version includes improvements and bug fixes. It doesn't include new features.

    Support and bug fixes
    We offer free support and bug fixes for an unlimited period of time. We answer all support questions within 24 hours (excepting week-ends).

    Money-back guarantee
    If you are not satisfied with our product and services, we offer you a full refund within 90 days from your purchase. Please send us an email and we will refund your purchase immediately.

Time tracking and billing software application

Fanurio is a time tracking and billing software application, highly appreciated by freelancers for its intuitive interface, flexible timer and ability to produce detailed invoices.

Whether you need to round time, use multiple currencies or create invoices with your own layout, Fanurio has the right tools to help you get paid.

Fanurio has many features that can help you be more productive. Here's a list with all relevant features.

Time tracking

  • Start/pause/stop the timer from the tray icon
  • Badges the dock icon to display the elapsed time
  • Control the timer from the iTunes-like mini view
  • Detects idle time to record all your working time
  • Reminders to start and stop the timer in case you forget to do it
  • Import time from other users or computers


  • Organize projects using services and expenses
  • Record both billable and non-billable services
  • Bill services in hours or units
  • Round time for billable services
  • Bill in multiple currencies
  • Discount the price or the quantity of a service
  • Enter discounts as a percentage or as a fixed value
  • Resell goods or subcontracted services
  • Use both taxable and non-taxable services
  • Manage current projects easier by marking older ones as finished


  • Create partial invoices anytime during the project
  • Create invoices for single or multiple projects
  • Use taxes to create accurate and complete invoices
  • Use automatic invoice numbering to save time
  • Apply discounts to invoices
  • Apply partial payments to invoices
  • Export invoices to HTML or PDF to print them or to send them by e-mail
  • Print or email invoices directly from the application
  • Customize invoice templates using your own layouts


  • Analyze projects to see how much money you've made or how much time you've worked
  • Analyze projects by date, week, month and year
  • See which invoices are paid, unpaid or overdue and their balance
  • Sort unpaid invoices by age
  • See how much money you've collected from a certain client or all clients
  • Export time, invoices and payments to CSV or Excel
  • Export project reports to HTML or PDF


  • Import contacts from Address Book and CSV files
  • Import time from other applications
  • Backups data automatically
  • Runs on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux
  • Cross-platform version that can be used from a USB stick

updated: 29.08.2010

added: 10.10.2009

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