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  • $150.51 Daisho Subscription

    The Daisho subscription license entitles you to:

    * License up to 3 databases for the period of your subscription
    * Use Daisho with Windows, Mac and Linux
    * Unlimited access to future update

  • $376.49 Daisho Full License

    The Daisho full license entitles you to:

    * License up to 3 databases for an unlimited amount of time
    * Use Daisho with Windows, Mac and Linux
    * Unlimited access to future updates
    * Premium support

Daisho is the integrated productivity tool for professionals:  goal,  time and task management, contact management with CRM features, and email client. Synchronization with Smartphones (e.g. iPhone, Android, Symbian) via SyncML-Server. Runs from USB stick on Windows, Mac and Linux - one license is valid for all platforms. Daisho has a special Netbook Mode for small screens.

DAISHO is designed from ground up to help professionals to master the challenges of working in the 21st century: working in projects, for various clients, with high time pressure:

  • The integrated goal- and time and task management combines your daily business tasks with mid- and long-term planning. Stay focused by budgeting your time according your main work areas and according to your goals, ensure you reach your goals by defining the tasks to reach each goal and milestone.
  • On the contact management side, you can keep track of the contact history with every person, and the innovative contact radar let's you identify the people in your personal contact network you should refresh your relation with.
  • Install Daisho on an USB stick and launch it from there, and you can work on any PC without the need for local installation.
  • The email client uses labels and labels based filters to organize your emails without the needs to assign an email to one folder only. You can define work environments with specific settings for email accounts to use and different network connection needs.
  • The dashboard perspective with the quick note taking feature and the contact quick list gives you all the information you need on one integrated view.
  • You can synchronize your contacts, calendar entries and tasks between Daisho and any SyncML-compliant mobile phone (SyncML apps for iPhone and Android available by various vendors) using either the DAISHOsync SyncML server or other SyncML based server.

Run from a USB-Stick

Install Daisho on your USB stick (USB 2.0 recommended) and use Daisho on every Netbook, Laptop or Desktop-PC with the same data. Even if your Netbook runs Linux, your laptop is a Mac and your desktop uses Windows.


Time Management

Be sure to spend your time on things which are important to you. Time management is more than simple administration of appointments.

Daisho offers you a variety of proven time management methods like support for context based planning, time budgeting and week time structuring.

Contact Management

A reliable personal network is the foundation for your success.

It not only helps you to win new customers, but is pivotal to quickly assemble teams for larger contracts.

Based on mutual trust and respect, your network is a crucial element in establishing yourself in your target market for the long run.

Daisho helps you to maintain and strategically grow your personal contact network.

Project Management

Projects are a dominant factor in your daily life, so you'd better manage them well.

Daisho enables you to hierarchically plan your projects with milestones and to assign tasks to milestones. This way, you can see the big picture while focusing on single tasks and can track the progress of your project


Email, chat and Internet telephony are indispensable for you.

The powerful tagging functionality in Daisho's integrated email-client helps you tame your overflowing inbox.

The Skype interface enables chat and internet telephony with your contacts with the click of a mouse.

updated: 09.05.2017

added: 10.02.2011

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