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    Classroom Licenses allow for use of the fully-functional version of the software for educational and teaching uses in classrooms, by professors, trainers, and students.

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    Open Source Licenses are available free to non-commercial open source software development projects that meet the Open Source definition, have a dedicated website, and an active community.

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    Commercial licenses that are registered in a legal entity name allow for use of the software on any computer, operating system, and by any developer within a legal entity, provided that the total number of concurrent users never exceeds the number of purchased licenses. A commercial license registered in the name of an individual developer allows for use of the software by that developer only.



JetBrains RubyMine IDE provides a comprehensive Ruby code editor aware of dynamic language specifics and delivers smart coding assistance, intelligent code refactoring and code analysis capabilities. Easy project configuration, integrated Ruby Gems manager, Rake support — it's got everything a Ruby developer needs in a development environment.

Ruby on Rails

RubyMine brings dedicated RoR project structure views, quick Model-View-Controller navigation options, Rails specific code completion, intention actions, and refactorings. All this, plus best-of-breed HTML, CSS and JavaScript editing support and advanced web development tools, is the recipe for producing cutting-edge Web 2.0 applications.

Be productive and fail-proof

Let your IDE take care of your routine development tasks. Smart, type-aware code completion, reliable and powerful refactorings, and intelligent code inspections all work together to help you code faster. You can literally feel productivity with your fingertips when using keyboard shortcuts, live templates and intention actions. There's always something to learn to be even more productive.


The value of testing should never be underestimated. Writing code and unit-testing it is a solid process with RubyMine's flexible, well-thought-out RSpec, Cucumber and Test::Unit integration and intelligent UI for writing, running and navigating tests.

Ruby debugger

Fine-tuning the application code is the essential step in every software project. The Ruby debugger inherits all the best from the proven IntelliJ IDEA Java/JSP debugger and considers the needs of Ruby and Rails developers, allowing breakpoints in Ruby and even RHTML code, and providing highly informative Console, Variables, Frames and Watches views.

Version Control integration

Subversion, Git, Perforce and CVS: RubyMine knows most modern VCS and SCMs and provides a unified UI for all of them. Instantly see your changes in-line with the code. Check in and check out files and projects easily. Use integrated diff and merge tools for all version control systems. Manage changelists inside the IDE. And remember to check in often.

updated: 01.11.2010

added: 13.08.2009

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