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REAL Studio comes in three editions:

  • Personal Edition, for hobbyists or those developing software for themself.
  • Professional Edition, for part time software developers.
  • Enterprise Edition, for full time commercial software developers.

All editions of REAL Studio include the following capabilities: 

Window layout editor

Drag and drop
Drag controls onto a window to build your user interface.

Native support controls
REAL Studio provides more than 40 native user interface controls for each platform, including buttons, fields, lists, sliders, tab panels, and much more.

Alignment guides
Assists in lining up controls on a window.

Code editing

Helps you write code faster with fewer errors by offering suggestions on valid syntax.

Syntax coloring
Use different colors to distinguish between keywords, variables, code and comments.

Block lines.
Quickly see the structure of your code.

Code assistants.
A contextual menu of syntax options that help you write code faster and with fewer errors.


Use the Canvas class to create and display bitmap images.

Vector graphics
Includes a 2D vector graphics engine for spline-based images.

Play and edit QuickTime movies in your applications.

Language Features

Modern and object-oriented
Modern, object-oriented version of BASIC. Supports inheritance, interfaces and polymorphism.

Advanced language
The REALbasic language is strongly typed and supports RTTI (Run Time Type Information), operator overloading and try/catch exception handling.

Memory management
Works automatically via reference counting.

Powerful framework

Industrial-strength XML parser and generator enables you to read and write XML data with a few lines of code.

Includes a single-user desktop database engine based on SQLite.

Regular Expressions
Adds powerful text searching capabilities to your application that supports regular expressions.


Socket control
Enables the development of powerful Internet client applications. Support internet protocols includes HTTP, SMTP, POP3 and UDP.

SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)
Incorporate web services in your applications quickly and easily to provide access to live data, stock prices, weather information and more.

Learn by example

Example projects
Hundreds of examples are included with the REAL Studio product download.

Hands-on tutorial
The Tutorial and Quick Start walk you through creating real-world applications and familiarizing yourself with the REAL Studio tools and commands.

Integrated help

Language reference
Powerful, fully searchable online reference is included in the REAL Studio product and provides instant access to details and examples on every keyword and framework class.

Language support

Available in 9 languages
REAL Studio is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Localize your own applications
REAL Studio applications can be localized easily to support any language.

With full support for Unicode built-in, REAL Studio allows your application to support multiple languages simultaneously.


Plug-in development
Includes a software development kit (SDK) for creating cross-platform plug-ins for REAL Studio.


Native code
Compile your applications down to machine code. No interpreter or virtual machine is required.

You are free to sell the applications you create with REAL Studio or give them away for free without ever paying a fee to REAL Software.

updated: 28.08.2015

added: 02.05.2010

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