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  • $134.28 Educational license

    CAMPUS ARCAD 3D CAAD school and teaching version. The solid 3D CAD program for the application in the architecture
    This is the student and school version of the software ARCAD 3D CAD.
    * All printouts point to the use of a CAMPUS version.
    * The plot size is delimited to DIN A3.
    * No services may be produced for third parties with this version.

  • $234.29 Single user license (Easy)

    The EASY SOLID 3D CAD LINUX program for private use
    With ARCAD you create in your computer a 3D model which can afterwards be displayed in any scale appropriate for DIN on your plotter or printer.
    This is a CAD for the private users with the character of the professional office use.

  • $234.29 Educational license (full licence)

    ARCAD 3D 64bit CFL is a school and teaching version.
    * This is a full licence version given to students.
    * The plots contains NO logo.
    * The plot size is NOT delimited.
    * No services may be produced for third parties with this version.

  • $2,140.04 Single user license (Classic)

    These Classic ARCAD CAD 32 bits full licence are extensive tools for everything which want to take up the full computer power of a modern Highend CAD of system.
    Including complete mass calculations and living space calculations, link-up with the AVA and the calculation.
    Including radiosity visualisation.

  • $2,711.48 Single user license (HighEdge)

    This ARCAD HIGHEDGE version is our state-of-the-art CAD.
    This version contains all scopes of services of our ARCAD Classic CAD version.


The ARCAD Systemhaus offers with the CAD and AVA system a professional industry-specific solution for the operating system LINUX.
As on a 3D volume model based software ARCAD offers you a quick mass calculation and quantity calculation, an automatic generation of views as well as an integrated visualisation.
All required data of the planner can be obtained from the 3D model.
A user-friendly face and an comprehensible operator guidance allow to the experienced CAD user as well as the new beginner quick results while learning the program.
The user sees a tidy operator interface when starting the program first.
This is split in a text-basisd menu bar with cascade menus, a toolbar for command shortcuts and the operating range.
All commands are held in plaintext and the toolbar contains a dynamic explanation to every icon.
Many commands are directly executable with the mouse, because the commands are directly bound to already edited objects.
The integration of the AVA and the visualisation (Quickshader, Raytracing and Radiosity) allow a generally concurrent work without time-consuming program changes.
In addition, there is a huge number of interfaces for the handing over and takeover of data from programs of other providers.
The program packages of the company ARCAD offer to all prospective buyers a convenient access. From the inexpensive Campus version with the restriction for non-commercial use up to ARCAD-Classic with all program modules for all jobs in an architecture office.

With ARCAD you create in your computer a 3D model which can afterwards be displayed in any scale appropriate for DIN on your plotter or printer.
Everything for building application and execution of construction needed 2D drawings are generated simply and fast from the 3D model.

Of course ARCAD allows you also the traditional work on the drawing board.
You can decide any time which approach corresponds to your momentary requirements best of all.
ARCAD has a standardised, user-friendly operator interface which is identical for all operating ranges of the program.

You are able to learn the basic knowledge in a day.
A meaningful practise application is possible within short time.

Efficient icons and construction elements reduce the amount of routine works which leaves free space for the creative draught process.
The automatic intersection of wall, roof and cover constructions, freely placeable and scalable wall openings for single- and additional-leaf brickwork or the dimensioning appropriate for DIN is only a small assortment of all possibilities.

The program ARCAD is a CAD software which ,in link-up with our AVA program ARCHITEC, prints out all masses, surfaces and calculations in a traceable and clean form ascertained from your drawing.
Thus you can use your 3D models not only for plan development and visualisation, but also for an exact calculation.


The open and modern structure of ARCAD also allows you to pass on all building data and 3D model data to other CAD programs.

A 64-bit technology and the operability of ARCAD under the operating system Linux is a guarantee for your investment in a long future.

ARCAD represents the quintessence from architecture, software know-how, modern computer capacity, consistent enhancements without compromises and more than 20 years of experience.

ARCAD runs on nearly all computers.If a computer is not sufficient for you in its capacity any more, then use two or more computer in a network like one single big machine.By the standardised attributes of ARCAD and LINUX you can add computer capacity.

All conceivable components can be created by the 3D volume model of ARCAD and the completely free construction possibility in the 3D space.
Any construction is possible from the simple 2D-wall, the 3D-walls, single- or additional-leaf, concrete ceilings, foundations, simple gable roofs or complicated roof intersections over to rotational solids up to the most complicated solids by means of Boolean operations.

Of course a CAD like ARCAD makes a comprehensive assistance available.Every command of ARCAD is exactly documented in the manual.
In addition, a help is also performed in a printable information window representable any time on the display.
Moreover, there are extensive tutorials to the different subjects which allow an intensive selfstudy of the CAD system.The smart command explanation which belongs to every command simplifies in addition learning the CAD system without long training time.


For architects and planners who set high standards in their work ARCAD is the right choice.
These are tools for all which want to take up full computer power of modern and innovative CAD systems of themselves.
ARCAD is a complete solution for the plan development in layout, view, sectional drawing and detail.
ARCAD offers you as an integrated system high plan quality, accuracy as well as all options of the planning presentation.
According to your individual preparation these drawings are pasted in the predefined drawing border of the character sheet.
Here it shows the extraordinary advantage of a 1 to 1 construction in the 3D volume model on the display, because ARCAD leaves the individual setting of the scale to you.
The entries which are placed on the character sheet will be passed on with your entries of the scale (1 to 100, 1 to 50, 1 to 10 etc.) to the printing routine and accordingly plotted.
The single drawings generated from the building model are complemented with entries specific for drawing.
You can integrate texts and dimensionings into different TRUETYPE font parameter with free corner entry also as a long text.
An associative dimensioning is natural here.

A picture says more than many words.

This is the best statement if you see ARCAD and the excellent visualisation which this system offers to you.
Ideas will become rooms and plans are easy to understand.


ARCAD is a future-oriented CAD system with a wide user's basis under Linux and its circulation is becoming greater and greater.
ARCAD is suitable for any architecture office in every capacity phase. The program grows with the demands.

Generates free openings.

With ARCAD you can construct in 2D as well as in the 3D range and look at.
ARCAD owns a function with which you can create automatically different openings.
Besides, you can set different parametres.
These values serve as a basis to create them the opening to be generated.
A new element which you can further use in all other drawings and models is generated.
You place this opening at places in the brickwork which you can freely define.
Afterwards you move the independent openings or exchange this for other types.
All views are selected during the work by you with the mouse and are moved.
Move the mouse, the perspective is also moved.
Change the transparency of the brickwork around in order to set up your openings.

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