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  • $27.95 Site/Network volume licenses (200+)

    Site/Network volume licenses

    This form of license allows AC3D to be run from a server and offers large discounts for bulk purchases. It is a simple and affordable way in which users at your institution can benefit from the AC3D software. Site/multi-user volume licenses includes direct technical support and all the other benefits of a personal AC3D license.

  • $79.95 AC3D Personal license

    instant purchase *
    fully enable AC3D
    Windows/Linux and Mac OSX
    cover an extra computer for only $20 **
    * Software license emailed immediately after payment is processed (usually within 15 minutes).
    ** for the same named user only

AC3D is designed to make the construction of 3D objects fast and easy. It is used to create 3D models for simulations, games, rendering ray-traced images and for scientific and general data visualization. AC3D runs on a wide range of standard hardware and is available across a number of popular platforms.

Use AC3D™ to create 3D models for:

  • games
  • virtual reality and flight simulation
  • scientific, medical and general data visualisation
  • rapid prototypes of 3D designs
  • high resolution 3D renderings
  • Google Earth
  • Second Life

updated: 29.08.2010

added: 19.08.2009

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