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Runes of Avalon 2

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Welcome to the once glorious empire of Avalon, now clouded by the darkness of the evil Morganna's spells. After defeating Morganna in an intense magical battle, Evelyne, the protector of Avalon, must now cleanse Avalon from the dark curse with her Rune Magic. Help Evelyne to complete her mission and find her way home by matching the runes, encountering new locations, new spells and new challenges along the way. With three game modes and some unexpected twists, Runes of Avalon 2 takes you to an enchanting world of magic and mystery you won't want to leave.

Game features:

  • 100 great levels
  • Amulet of Spells with 4 new spells
  • 6 power-ups
  • 10 new enchanting images to reveal
  • Three game modes: Quest, Endless and Time Attack
  • JigSaw mini-game
  • Mystic music & sound effects

updated: 02.11.2010

added: 12.09.2009

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