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Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars(TM)

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  • company: id Software


Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars(TM) is the ultimate strategic shooter: an objective-driven, class-based First Person Shooter set in the Quake universe. In the battle for planet Earth, you must choose your side and your role in the battle.

The two playable armies in Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars are distinct from one another, creating a totally unique gameplay experience based on which allegiance you select.

The Strogg: An invading force with a single goal, to destroy humanity via Stroggification, and the advanced technology and weapons to accomplish it.

The Global Defense Force (GDF): Earth's only line of defense, set out to protect their home and her inhabitants with their military arsenal.

On each side, you must choose what role you want to play on the battlefield. Every mission and objective requires different capabilities and the best players do specific jobs to help their team reach ultimate victory.

Welcome to Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars. The greatest war ever fought awaits you. This first installment of Playing the Game should help prepare you for what is to come.

Limbo Menu

When you enter a game of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, you will reach the Limbo Menu. The Limbo Menu is where you select your:

  • Army: Strogg or GDF
  • Class: See below for details
  • Spawn point
  • Weapon loadout (in certain instances only)

GDF Classes

  • Soldier - Skilled with heavy weapons and explosives, the Soldier is your basic assault unit. He is best-suited for attacking roles or defending teammates while they complete key objectives.
  • Medic - In addition to providing med packs to soldiers on the front line, medics can also revive unconscious combatants. The Medic is a key supporting class, attacking any threats, but mainly maintaining the health of his teammates.
  • Engineer - With the ability to repair vehicles, construct objectives, and deploy base defenses, the Engineer is a key member of any fire team and often required to complete mission objectives.
  • Field Ops - The Field Ops can provide ammunition to the other classes as well as being the only class capable of using of long-range bombardment deployables.
  • Covert Ops - These elite operatives are able to use long-ranged sniper rifles and to gather advanced intelligence on the enemy. Often critical to mission objectives, Covert Ops can disguise themselves as fallen Strogg enemies and also hack Strogg technology to serve GDF needs.

Strogg Classes

  • Aggressor - Wielding the Obliterator, the Aggressor is the Strogg's powerful invader attacking the GDF forces all over the battlefield.
  • Technician - Technicians offer their invading cohorts much-needed Stroyent for health and ammo. In addition, they can create new spawn points for their teammates by using the fallen GDF bodies.
  • Constructor - Armed with advanced Strogg technology, Constructors can deploy landmines, turrets and even repair drones, which automatically seek out and repair vehicles and deployables.
  • Oppressor - In the face of strong GDF forces, the Oppressor can uniquely target and activate Strogg plasma cannons in planetary orbit for powerful strikes from above.
  • Infiltrator - Specially-programmed Strogg units, Infiltrators carry the deadly long-range Railgun. In addition, Infiltrators can disguise themselves as GDF soldiers to gain access to GDF bases and systems.


Once you have deployed to the battlefield, you will be presented with different objectives based on your team's overall mission. These objectives will be listed in the top-left corner of your HUD.

While objectives vary from mission to mission, they can include:

  • BUILD IT - Bridges and base defenses are necessary to reach new objectives and to help capture and hold territory.
  • DEPLOY IT - Mobile Command Posts can be brought to the front lines and establish a new central HQ. This central HQ acts as a hub for all team logistics from that point forward.
  • HACK IT - The Covert Ops can utilize their specialized training to hack into and defeat Strogg defenses, allowing GDF forces to bypass and assault Strogg emplacements.
  • DESTROY IT - High Explosive charges are carried into the front line, primed, timed, and attached to the target objective.

In order to complete most objectives, you will need to use your class-specific capability. This capability can be found among your weapon selections. For example, Engineers have a 'Build' tool, whereas Covert Ops have a 'Hack' tool which you will need to use.

In addition, you will be designated specific assignments based on your class and your team's intelligence. These Solo Assignments are also displayed on your HUD. Helping your team complete the primary objective often means, diverting attention to take care of specific obstacles. That's where Solo Assignments come into play.

Finally, each mission in Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars represents a different key battle in the Strogg invasion of planet Earth. Some missions put the Strogg on the offensive while others put the GDF on the offensive. When playing defense, your team's goal is to prevent the opposition from accomplishing their objectives. Each time they complete one, your team will need to fall back, regroup, and work to prevent further losses.


Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars puts the most advanced, powerful vehicles on the battlefield. Whether speeding down roads mowing down enemies, flying above firing missiles, or carrying teammates across waters, vehicles play a critical role in the battle.

We will have much more detail on vehicles in articles to come, but here are a few examples of the arsenal at your disposal.

Select GDF Vehicles:

  • Anansi - This vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capable aircraft has wing mounted missile racks, a nose mounted anti-infantry cannon, and the latest in afterburner technology. Seats 2.
  • Armadillo - The terrain is rough and you need a way to get there. That's where the Armadillo comes in, capable of handling the most rugged terrain. Also has a rear mounted machine-gun. Seats 3.
  • Titan - The battle tank. Bearing down on enemies, when the Titan enters the fray, the battle gets a whole lot more serious. Seats 2.

Select Strogg Vehicles:

  • Icarus - A single-player anti-grav pack, the Icarus enables troops with extremely high mobility, allowing low-altitude hovering. Seats 1.
  • Tormentor - Relying on ground-effect anti-gravity repulsors to stay aloft, the Tormentor is extremely agile and fast, making it a serious threat from above. Seats 2.
  • Cyclops - The Cyclops is the ultimate mechanized walker. A colossal threat on the battlefield, the Cyclops has the most powerful weapons in the Strogg arsenal. Seats 1.

Although we have only scratched the surface of playing Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, we hope that you are ready to enlist in the great battle for planet Earth. Keep an eye out for more articles and updates.

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