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Dominions 3: The Awakening

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  • company: Shrapnel Games, Inc.
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 Turn-based fantasy 4X gaming with up to twenty-one (AI or human) players using simultaneous turns.

♦  Still an amazing amount of player choices in one turn: recruit, research, empowerment, forge, rituals, magic battles, search, prayers, blood hunt, luck, assassinations, friendly movement, movement, storm castle, enchantments, magic items, sneak, build, special orders, income, starvation, upkeep, dominion, site effects, heal, mercs, and scouting.

♦  Three different eras: Early Magical Era, Middle Era, and Late Era. The Early Magical Era boasts many new nations, the Middle Era features most of the nations from Dominions 2, and the Late Era features an emphasis on more conventional warfare and less magic.

♦  Fifty different playable nations. Some of the new nations include Ermor, New Faith, based on the early Republic of Rome. Marverni, inspired by Gallic tribes. Kailasa, Rise of the Ape Kings, inspired from Indian and Hindu mythology. Jomon, Human Daimyos, born from ancient Japan.

♦  Brand new graphics, with an overhauled and streamlined interface. Transparent mechanics decreases the learning curve.

♦  Less micromanagement than previous Dominions titles.

♦  Random map creation.

♦  Players can design and save gods for later play.

♦  Nation specific spells and summons. More than 600 spells and 300 magic items, all with evocative descriptions, are found in the game.

♦  Rebalanced rates for income, supply, and resources enable larger conventional armies.

♦  1500+ units to wage war with. A deep combat model encompasses everything from battlefield morale to the use of magic.

♦  An already challenging AI made even more challenging. If you can't handle the unrelenting computer player, you can always try your hand at playing against humans with Dominions 3 robust multiplayer suite.

♦  Much more powerful modding capabilities.

♦  Make and remake nations as you see fit!

♦  Still present, the cool ability to turn any image into a map! Battle across Faerún or Middle Earth!

♦  Choose if your pretending god is dormant or awake when the game begins.

♦  A 300 page printed manual that will remind you of the early days of computer gaming. The manual is more of a reference guide that includes a play-along tutorial, spells reference, nations info and so much more.

♦  New music from Erik Ask Uppmark and Anna Rynefors, the duo behind Dominion 2's lilting musical score.

♦  Taxes and unrest automatically checked through the autotax function, streamlining play.

♦  Playable on most major operating systems. Play it on a Windows, Mac, or Linux machine.

♦  Dominions 3: The Awakening could very easily be the last fantasy 4X game you ever need.

updated: 04.11.2010

added: 04.09.2009

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