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Dofus 2.0

  • size: N/A
  • company: Ankama
  • Free version


  • $0.00 Members - 1 week

    1 week: 1 code
    gift: 1 Tofu token

  • $7.00 Members - 1 month

    gift: A pet or an item of your choice + 1 Tofu token + 1 Wabbit token

  • $20.00 Members - 3 months

    gift: A pet or an item of your choice + 1 Tofu token + 1 Rogue token

  • $38.00 Members - 6 months

    gift: A pet or an item of your choice + 1 Tofu token + 1 Minotour token

  • $66.00 Members - 1 year

    gift: A pet or an item of your choice + 1 Tofu token + 1 Dragon token

A Game that Keeps on Evolving

 DOFUS is the only videogame that offers regular updates to maintain its players as enthusiastic as ever. Right from the start, 24 characters from 12 different classes, dozens of professions, hundreds of NPCs (Non-Playable Characters), spells and monsters are available. This non-exhaustive list will continue to grow as novelties will regularly be integrated during your various adventures and quests. Most of these updates will be installed without the players noticing, this way they can exclusively concentrate on the game.

2D Graphics of a Rare Beauty

 At the opposite of the latest 3D creations, DOFUS opted for a very colorful 2D design. This particular choice makes DOFUS an original videogame with pleasant and unmistakable atmosphere and settings. The poetic and evocative aspect of these graphics emphasizes the warm atmosphere of the game and the attachment of the community to a general good mood, courtesy and to the Role-Playing Universe.

A New Online Game Dimension

 Exclusively created for Internet, DOFUS uses the Flash Format MX® for it to work properly. The use of such a format for such a considerable videogame allows anyone to play anywhere, at anytime. Players no longer need to worry about installing, saving or cancelling data. Everything is automatic or very easy to use. The ultimate goal being to offer the players a good quality videogame without all the drawbacks linked to the medium or to the need to own a top-notch computer.

Non Members

  • Access limited to the Astrub Village
  • Monsters below level 20 only
  • Low level items only
  • Cannot equip pets
  • Access limited to basic classes
  • Professions limited to level 30
  • No access to merchant mode or to the main marketplaces
  • No access to guilds
  • No PvP mode (Player versus Player)
  • No houses or paddocks outside Astrub
  • No gifts
  • Non priority access to the game servers
  • Non priority access to Support


  • Explore the ENTIRE DOFUS World
  • Challenge monsters up to level 1000
  • Equip any items in the game including legendary weapons and sets
  • Raise any pets in the game and increase their power
  • Embody a character from any class in the game
  • Craft any items:  there's no restrictions on professions
  • Access marketplaces on all maps in the game
  • Create or join a Guild
  • Participate in the war between the two cities Bonta and Brakmar and fight with other players in PvP mode
  • Access all houses and paddocks in the world of DOFUS
  • Get special gifts in-game for members only
  • Priority access to the game servers
  • Priority access to Support


updated: 29.08.2010

added: 15.03.2010

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