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You do this by moving the robot over platforms and removing barricades in its way. The movable ground tiles keep moving in the direction they were sent, until they are stopped by either another tile or by the level borders. Some of them can go in all four directions, some of them are limited to horizontal or vertical movement. The robot can stop on non colored movable tiles and be moved with the puzzle element to overcome water areas - or bridge a gap, which is where the name comes from. The robot can not go onto colored puzzle tiles, sometimes you need to remove the tiles by moving four or more puzzle tiles of the same color in a row to remove them. Some ground tiles are broken and vanish after the robot moved over them once - so be sure to move wise, or the puzzle could become unsolvable, although you can restart at any time and as often as you like.

After successfully solving a puzzle, you can submit the number of moves and the time you took to a online high score and compare it with other players.

The real challenge comes by trying to reduce the number of moves you need to solve the puzzle levels. You can reduce the number of moves by moving more platforms simultaneously and use them to stop other platforms by driving them in their way.

Brukkon also features beautiful relaxed music and several graphics themes with day and night and different weather situations. Two different camera positions can be freely configured and you can switch quickly between them by tapping the space bar.

updated: 19.01.2011

added: 02.06.2010

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