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Ankh II: Heart of Osiris

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  • company: RuneSoft


Osiris is back! And this time he's in no mood for games.

This time he will not fail. This time Osiris will show the world of humans what, he's made of. But the Ankh alone is not enough - not as long as he hasn't found the most important part of his body: his heart.

Life has not been kind to Assil. Only three weeks ago he managed to ward off his death curse. Since then his relationship (with Thara) has hit the rocks and the Ankh was stolen from him (by sinister assassins). Assil sets out to get it all back - and to once again face Osiris.

He is not the only victim, however - there is another: the pharaoh! One moment he sits on his throne, lazy, sluggish and with a heck of a hangover, the next he is a slave in his own quarry - how could this have happened? And more importantly: how is he going to get out of this without getting killed?

Ankh: Heart of Osiris is even more intense and more bizarre as it takes the player even deeper into the crazy world of old Cairo. You'll meet a lot of familliar faces, but of course there are plenty of new surprises too!

Aside from familliar locations, like the bazaar, there will be plenty of new locations for the player to explore - such as the quarry and the large arena with all its dark, convoluted catacombs.

And of course the black humour of the first game can be found in the sequel! Once again, old Egypt and its inhabitants are turned upside down and given a good seeing to.


  • Classic adventure game
  • A completely new and zany story in new, strange and fascinating locations
  • A brand new exciting story
  • Get to know new characters and familiar faces
  • Sophisticated graphics with dynamic light, shadow and glow effects
  • supreme voice acting
  • Cinematic full-motion sequences
  • and, as always, pitchblack humour

System requirements:

  • 32 bit Linux system
  • 512MB of memory
  • 900MB disc space
  • 1,5GHz or better processor.
  • Software: GLIBC 2.2 or better; SDL - 1.2.8 or better.
  • You should have an hardware accele-rated openGL implementation and a GFX card with at least 64MB of graphics memory.

updated: 21.08.2018

added: 04.09.2009

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