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  • $6.00 Full version requires a donation, suggested amount

    For a full version make a donation of some (any) amount. In return you will get a key for the files you have downloaded which contain both the mono and stereo versions of the plugins - together with a commercial license for them. They have also been optimised to use less CPU power than the free versions, but please be aware that performance gains can be very system dependent.

linuxdsp.co.uk aims to provide high quality 'plugin' audio processing software for PCs running linux. Users of audio processing software on other platforms will be familiar with the idea of adding extra processing by adding plugins.

linuxDSP plugins are available in several different formats to suit different uses and host applications some of these are detailed below:


linuxDSP plugins are available as standalone applications which process audio by connecting to the JACK audio server. JACK is a pro-audio sound server created by Paul Davis and others at www.jackaudio.org and is used to manage the interconnections between a wide variety of audio applications running on linux. More information about JACK can be found here.


LV2 is the emerging successor to the original LADSPA format for linux plugins. linuxDSP plugins are available in LV2 format suitable for host applications that can use the LV2 external_UI extension. At the moment, this is Ardour 2.8.3 or later. More information about LV2 can be found from the official LV2 site here.

linuxDSP Live effects

The linuxDSP Live effects are JACK applications designed for guitar. They can be linked together and used for recording or as part of a live setup if used with a low latency soundcard. They can also be MIDI controlled as part of a virtual pedal-board.

linuxDSP MX-Series

The linuxDSP MX-Series are plugin audio processors in LV2 format designed to enhance the mixer section of a Digital Audio Workstation. You can use the MX-Series plugins to provide channel EQ and Dynamics processing in DAW software for linux such as Ardour 2.8.3 or late.

updated: 18.10.2018

added: 24.02.2010

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